Episode 332: Flying on Jets and Connecting with Billionaires with Griffin Bruehl


Will money make you happy?

Brandon sits down with Griffin Bruehl and talks about his journey as an executive flight attendant. He is always surrounded by the most influential people and takes time to show value to everyone he meets! He also shares what is something he sees that is common in his billionaire clients and what he has learned from all of them!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Griffin shares what he did to start working in the field of business aviation.
–  Griffin says that this industry involves great networking. When flying high profile clients and building a connection with them, Griffin shares what he does to add value for his clients.
– How to be successful in aviation and in business in general.
– Griffin shares his top 3 favorite places he has flown to.
– What do billionaires have in common?
– What were some things Griffin has learned from his clients?
– Griffin shares his craziest experience he had on a plane.
– Does money make you happy? Are all billionaires really happy?


Griffin Bruehl is a highly recognized Executive Flight Attendant and Entrepreneur from Orlando, FL. He specializes in working with top executives globally to deliver an exceptional experience onboard private jets.

In Business Aviation, Griffin is recognized for his rapidly successful career that he has achieved in an industry in which men make up for only 3% of Executive Flight Attendants. This has lead Griffin to be able to coach those just breaking into the industry. Throughout his travels, he has had the privilege of visiting 47 states, 42 countries, and 6 of 7 continents, all at the age of 23.

Griffin is also the co-founder of Sawgrass Wines, a wine brand that you can find throughout New York City, where he currently resides.

His social media brand, “The Journey of a Young Gun,” allows him to give back through his travels and writing, to inspire those young professionals seeking to accomplish a new goal. In his free time, Griffin enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to new destinations, and experiencing new adventures.

Impactful Quotes

  • “Don’t make excuses!” – Griffin Bruehl
  • “They always went after what they wanted!” – Griffin Bruehl
  • “Success is being able to have freedom.” – Griffin Bruehl
  • “When a good opportunity comes, take it!” – Griffin Bruel

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