Episode 342: Think and Grow Rich The Legacy with James Whittaker


Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill yet? If not, you need to!

James Whittaker is the author of, Think and Grow Rich The Legacy. He interviews the modern day influencers and entrepreneurs that live by the principles of Think and Grow Rich every single day! He shares what he has learned from interviewing these amazing influencers and where his entrepreneur journey first started!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– James shares his journey into entrepreneurship. The first business he started was CrossFit Torian which later became the largest gym in Australia! With over 400 members and still growing, James shares how he and his team would recruit members and ensure a great experience for the members.
– James talks about his social media strategy with CrossFit Torian and he mentions how being consistent and showing a great content of ordinary people in the gym for their followers to see and be inspired by.
– What were some of the biggest obstacles while owning and maintaining a large gym. James shares a story of when a large storm hit the gym and was forced to close for 3-4 days while they cleared out the storm debris.
– James recently released his book for Think and Grow Rich The Legacy. He shares where the idea came from and how he pitched the project to the producers of the movie. James also talks about the whole process of writing and how we prepared to interview each person that was inspired by the original Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
– While interviewing the influencers in the book, James shares what similarities he saw in everyone. He noticed how each of them never gave up! They never thought of why they couldn’t do something, they just acted on it!


James Whittaker is an international bestselling author, speaker, film producer and entrepreneur. He has interviewed more than 100 of the world’s leading athletes, entrepreneurs and business leaders to unlock their secrets to success. James is co-executive producer of the multimillion-dollar film ‘Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy’ and author of the official book accompaniment.

With a diverse entrepreneurial background, he has launched successful companies and products across a range of industries including health/fitness, film, activewear, social media, and publishing.

Impactful Quotes

  • “Everyone in the book has this unwavering self-belief and know exactly what they want.” – James Whittaker 
  • “They didn’t find why something couldn’t happen, they just acted!” – James Whittaker
  • “If you do not make the decision to win, you will automatically make the decision to lose!” – James Whittaker

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