Episode 351: Boston Ballers #1 – Hip Hop Violinists Redefining What it means to Play Violin with Rhett Price


From playing in the subways of Boston to playing for the owner of the Red Sox’s, John Henry. Rhett Price shares his success from sharing his music on YouTube! We talk about what success means to him and he gives you advice on how to live a successful life. It’s not about the money, It has everything to do with your passion!

A few highlights from this interview include:
–  What inspired Rhett to play hip-hop violin?
– Rhett has been playing the violin since he was four years old. After playing practically his whole life, when did he realize his success?
– What’s next for Rhett Price? He shares where he wants to go next in his career.
– Rhett shares his best advice in being successful.


Violinist, Rhett Price was playing in the Boston subway and working odd jobs just so he can pay his rent. It wasn’t until he started sharing his art on YouTube! He had The Huffington Post and New York post calling him. He has even played for the owner of the Red Sox’s, John Henry. Since then, he knew the subway was not his platform but it the first step in achieving his biggest dreams!

Impactful Quotes

  • “I want the violin to be the now and the future.” – Rhett Price
  • “You can make money at anything. So, find something that you seriously love doing!” – Rhett Price
  • “Don’t focus on the money. Just focus on whatever it is that you would do for free. Do it and figure out how to live off it.” – Rhett Price

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