Episode 352: Boston Ballers #2 – Supporting the City of Boston with BostonTweet with Tom O’Keefe


“You can’t have success unless you love what you do.” – Tom O’Keefe

During the recession of 2008, Tom O’Keefe was inspired to create his own brand (BostonTweets) by marketing local businesses through twitter and other social media platforms. Since then he has grown an audience of 300,000! Tom shares his passion behind all of his work and where he hopes to see BostonTweets go in the next 5 years.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How was BostonTweet created and how Tom was able to help bring awareness to Boston.
– Since BostonTweet, Tom has met many influential individuals in Boston. He shares how all of these people share one thing and that is passion. They each truly love what they do!
– Tom talks about the inspiration behind BostonTweet. During the recession, Tom was not able to get a job. So, he decided to create a career himself by promoting local businesses through social media.
– Tom first started his journey through Twitter. He shares what has changed in the last 8 years compared to other platforms.
– What is Tom’s WHY? What is his passion?
– Where is the best place to visit when you’re in Boston!
– What is Tom’s 5-year goal and what does he see for BostonTweet.
– Tom shares his meaning of success.


Tom O’Keefe is a social media personality, internet entrepreneur, and cause marketer living in Boston, Mass.

In 2008, Tom O’Keefe founded BostonTweet as a way to create awareness for local business during the recession. Today, BostonTweet reaches 300,000+ Bostonians via Twitter & Instagram with news and pictures about life in Boston.

Impactful Quotes

  • “My passion is to do everything in support of my community.” – Tom O’Keefe
  • “My main goal is to make the community better.” – Tom O’Keefe
  • “You can’t have success unless you love what you do.” – Tom O’Keefe
  • “Helping others and giving back has been so much more rewarding than getting extra zeros in my bank account.” – Tom O’Keefe

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