Episode 353: Boston Ballers #3 Entrepreneur Creating Influencers and Launching Companies with Samuel Thompson


A passionate entrepreneur who is wanting to impact new entrepreneurs by giving them resources that will help their business grow!

Samuel Thompson shares his passion and why he does what he does for not only his community but also his employees. He wants to be able to make them feel like they’re not working somewhere that doesn’t respect them so his management have lots of interesting ways to engage their employees. He just wants to make an all round positive impact. What are some of the biggest issues he sees when others are starting their business and what are some ways to grow your social media?

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Samuel shares what he does for the community with his nonprofit. They listen to future entrepreneurs, solve their problems and guide them to success.
– What are the biggest problems Samuel sees when helping startups?
– What was Samuel’s WHY?
– Samuels defines what an impactful person looks like to him? It’s as small as being able to put a smile on someone’s face.
– Samuel shares his advice on how to grow his following on social media?
– Where does Samuel see the most change on social media and which platform does he see growing best?
– What is Samuel’s definition of success?


Samuel Thompson is a millennial entrepreneur from Los Angeles and now residing in Boston where he is making a big impact on many new entrepreneurs that want to grow their brand in a different way! VYRL Collective is a nonprofit where students, entrepreneurs, and creatives connect with each other to share valuable insights, advice and connect so we can all grow together.

Impactful Quotes

  • “I don’t measure profit by the dollars that I make but the number of lives that I can positively impact.” –Samuel Thompson
  • “You really need to establish three things on social media, credibility, trust, and relatability.” – Samuel Thompson
  • “Focus on staying true to yourself and staying true to your audience.” – Samuel Thompson
  • “If you don’t understand what success means to you than how are you going to be able to accomplish that?” – Samuel Thompson

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