Episode 354: Boston Ballers #4 – Launching Entrepreneurs through Roxbury Innovation Center with Herb Lozano and Lanita Mccormick


How much would you benefit from a coworking space that provided resources for your business AND gives you access to a  3D printer?

The Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC) is a place where entrepreneurs can get the resources they need to be successful in their business. Herb Lozano and Lanita Mccormick share their meaning of success and why they are passionate about the mission at RIC.

 A few highlights from this interview include:
– What is the Roxbury Innovation Center and what is their mission?
– Lanita and Herb shares why they are passionate about working at the Roxbury Innovation Center.
– Herb and Lanita share their tips on to find your own success.
– What does success mean to Herb and Lanita?


Lanita Mccormick

Lanita is the Director of our Roxbury Innovation Center.  Lanita is a proud Roxbury native who has had the opportunity to expand upon her beginnings. Her background spans from the private sector to the not-for-profit arena. In Lanita’s corporate experience her work has been in marketing and sales for companies such as ABC Television and PepsiCo. Her not-for-profit work has been around program design, implementation and community engagement. With a true passion for people, she believes that by giving individuals the tools they need you are laying the groundwork for that individual to be able to forge forward. Lanita has a love of all things cooking, traveling and a burgeoning interest in designing spaces.

Herb Lozano  

Herb is the Marketing and Events Manager at the Roxbury Innovation Center. His main goal is spreading awareness and promoting for RIC.

Impactful Quotes

  • “Master your craft!” – Herb Lozano
  • “March to the beat of your own drum!” – Lanita Mccormick
  • “Being happy and content is success.” – Lanita Mccormick
  • “Interpersonal communication is so important.” – Herb Lozano  

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