Episode 356: Boston Ballers #6 – Creating the Future of Boston with Thaddeus Miles



Thaddeus Miles is guiding the youth and creating a better future for the community of Boston!

He shares his mission with a new program called, BAM (Becoming a Man) where they help young men become better people! Thaddeus says that in order to give guidance to the youth, we must present them with real authentic individuals!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Thaddeus shares his mission for the community in Boston and what he does at Masshousing that is building housing stability.
– Thaddeus shares his current project called, BAM (Becoming a Man). The focus is working with young boys of color and help them become better people!
– What are some key components the youth need for guidance?
– What does Thaddeus love about Boston?
– How does Thaddeus define success?


Thaddeus Miles has a longstanding commitment to empowering people with a dedicated focus on strengthening the voices and visions of our young people.

He has garnered insights and strategies from his international work at Harvard Law School and Community/Urban planning programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reinforced his steadfast commitment to ensuring that the most underserved members of our city have genuine opportunities for success and achievement.

Impactful Quotes

  • “If you’re not managing a vision, You’re managing drama.”  – Thaddeus Miles
  • “You can’t just work and not be happy. Find out what you’re passionate about.” – Thaddeus Miles
  • “Success for me is being able to tell my son that I love him and for him to say I love you back.” – Thaddeus Miles

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