Episode 358: How an Idea Can Lead to Endless Opportunities with Brandon T. Adams


It all started with an idea to invent Arctic Stick and led him to become a TV producer!

Brandon shares how he first had an idea for an invention and in the last three years, it has led him to many more opportunities like becoming a crowdfunding expert, working with celebrities, and now being a TV producer and traveling around the country!

A few highlights from this episode include:

– Brandon shares his speech to high school students talking about how Arctic Stick was the one idea that led him to so many other opportunities.
– Always add value to others! Brandon talks about when he first go into crowdfunding and taught himself to become an expert in the field. That had led him to many more entrepreneurs where he has helped them with his own crowdfunding experience.
– You are the average of the five people you hang out with. Brandon continues to surround himself with people that want to want to see him grow. Find people that will inspire you and mentor you because when you hang out with others that not motivated in life, you will end up the same.
– Success in Your City is heading to Colorado this summer! We are looking for a female entrepreneur in the fitness industry. Reach out to Brandon if that is you or you know someone that you can recommend!

Impactful Quotes:

  • “Follow your ideas and have a passion for it.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “One idea led me to do what I love!” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “As an entrepreneur, you will find opportunities and when you do, run with them!” – Brandon T. Adams


Mentions in the Episode

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