Episode 365: How to Build an Audience that will Support your TV Show with Brandon T. Adams


How do you build an audience before your TV show is even aired? 

In order to create hype and fund your show, you are going to need a powerful audience that will support you along the way! If you are not already using these platforms, you’ll be amazed at how social media can create long-lasting friendships and support for whatever it is that you are doing in your business! The Success in Your City trailer is going to be aired soon and Brandon takes you behind the scenes for all the work that goes into letting people know what the show.

A few highlights from this episode include:

  • We are officially in Denver, Colorado and we are getting ready to release the trailer for Success In Your City! 
  • How to get the most exposure when you are releasing your TV show to the world!
  • How to use your trailer to build an audience and raise money for your show.
  • How click funnels can help you build your email list and get supporters for your show or anything in your business.
  • Building powerful relationships through podcasting and social media.
  • Tips on how to leverage your Instagram account!

Impactful Quotes:

  • “You never know where podcasting or social media can take you!” – Brandon T. Adams 

  • “When you speak at events, you’re a person of influence. So, meet people and share what it is that you are doing.” – Brandon T. Adams

Mentions in the Episode

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