Episode 366: Denver Ballers #1 – Create Raving Fans in Business with Stephen Christopher


When you add value and give your clients quality work, they build trust in you and become your biggest fan!

This is the first episode of the Denver Ballers series and Brandon is chatting with Stephen about the power of social media and building a powerful team that is going to want to grow with you!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Stephen talks about the power of customer referrals. He shares that most of his customers are through referrals because he and his team are passionate about delivering them quality work. Thus, your clients become your raving fan and would want to recommend you to their network.

– We discuss what is the number one marketing strategy that leads to sales. Stephen shares that he noticed how being present on social media has been a great lead source. Your potential clients get to see who you are as a person!

– Stephan shares his thoughts on where he sees social media going in the future.

– How do you build a team in your business? Seequs has grown into a team of 15 employees and Stephan shares his strategy on leadership and team building.

– Stephen gives his best tip on how to become a successful business.


Pizza, off-roading, podcasting, reading, personal development, contribution, and helping others see their full potential are just a few of his favorite things! Stephen Christopher is an entrepreneur that absolutely loves growing businesses (both his and his clients). He loves studying how things work so he can improve them and kick the competition’s ass.

Stephen is proud of the culture that he and his team have grown at Seequs and the results they have gotten from customers because of it. He believes in working extremely hard every single day and that you have to watch how you spend your minutes because life is short.  Each minute deserves to be enjoyed and focused. He also believes that you won’t find another group of people that are as dedicated to the success of your business as the team at Seequs is.

Impactful Quotes

  • “When you create trust in a client by delivering exactly what you say at the highest level, they become your raving fan!” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Being very present on social media and adding tons of value has been a great source of clients.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Social media is going to continue to grow.” – Stephen Christopher

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