Episode 379: Changing The Way Real Estate is Done with Dan Gomer


Are you living a life of contentment? What is something that fills your cup? Find that and go after it!

Dan shares his story of becoming a school teacher and flipping the switch to become a real estate agent! When you inquire about using the services that investment property management companies offer, then you know the transition into working in real estate is serious!

After all, investing in real estate has never been more exciting. With opportunities such as Management Letting Rights taking the world by storm more and more people than ever before are turning to property investments as a way of boosting their income.

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Essentially, an MLR business is an enterprise that typically involves the caretaking and letting of townhouse and unit complexes. Consequently, if you are considering purchasing a management rights business, sourcing finance for your MLR businesses can often involve liaising with a team of expert lenders.

Ultimately, as with any major financial decision, if you are contemplating investing in real estate then doing as much research as possible is crucial. Make sure you know what the market is like, contact people like Erikas Grig Chartered Surveyors who will be able to advice you, and make sure you’re confident with there you’re putting your money.

Looking for even more real estate insights? In this episode, Dan talks about how real estate is about more than making a sell with his clients but truly serving them in such a big moment in their lives!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Dan shares the journey of finding his true passion in real estate after being a science teacher for 7 years.
– When Dan started his fix and flip business, there were many lessons he has learned and shares his advice to those that want to go into this industry.
– If you want to get into this business, Dan recommends to invest yourself on someone that is an expert in the industry.
– There are many real estate agents out there, both in the USA and abroad in countries like the UK, where you can find Letting Agents Coventry to help with properties. Dan talks about what sets him aside from his US compatriots and how you can do the same!
– Dan shares the lowest place in his life and how he was able to turn everything around.


Right out of college, Dan began his first career as an 8th-grade science teacher and high school basketball coach. 7 years later, he left the education profession after realizing that, although he loved the art of teaching, he didn’t enjoy the job nearly as much. The students and players, he had the pleasure to serve, taught him some extremely valuable lessons that he still utilizes today. Teaching and coaching provided an excellent platform to build and fine-tune the principles and skills that he uses every day: Respect, Communication, Teamwork, and Service.

In June of 2011, Dan opened a new chapter in his life and began his career as a new father and real estate investor. Eventually, Dan realized his heart is truly centered in serving others. So, in the spring of 2014, he left the fix N flip world behind and began to leverage, all that he had learned, to help others streamline the complex process towards home ownership. Little did he know how much he would love this new shift within his business; and the best gift of all is that he is now able to be there with his friends and family when their dreams become reality!

Impactful Quotes

  • “That’s how I look at my clients when they succeed, I succeed!” – Dan Gomer
  • “Go find contentment!” – Dan Gomer
  • “I feel like what I am doing now has meaning.” – Dan Gomer
  • “Find something that fills your cup.” – Dan Gomer

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