Episode 382: Thinking and Growing Rich – How to Build Real Wealth with John Shin

Have you never really been able to accumilate much wealth? Are you wanting to learn how to build your wealth and keep it? Well, today’s episode is perfect for you because in this episode we cover everything from starting your own business, pension advice, how you can make your mark on an industry, and how you can invest in your workforce.


From working for his parents business as a child to becoming a millionaire at the age of 22, John Shin has been on entrepreneur all his life! He shares all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and his top tips on how you can become a millionaire.

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A few highlights from this interview include:

  • John’s parents had multiple businesses when he was growing up. Even at a very young age, John was always working with his parents and he talks on how that has taught him so much on work ethics.
  • At the young age of 17, John was inspired to start his own business in the valet parking industry! He speaks about that journey and what he has learned from being surrounded with people in fancy cars.
  • After two years of running a growing valet business, John and his team were held at gunpoint and had 4 cars stolen under their care! He shares the aftermath of that incident and talks about how it was these events that forced him to take the security of his home and business more seriously. Of course, no one likes to think too much about the possibility of having their belongings stolen, but installing Verisure Smart Alarms, surveillance cameras, and other security systems are all proven ways to deter potential criminals. Correspondingly, you can tune in to hear John’s crucial security tips.
  • John talks about what his best mentors have taught him about life and business.
  • We talk about the best ways to motivate your employees to be more productive and love their job
  • We also touch the topic of how to protect your business should you lose one of your key employees by using key man insurance. Find out more at https://www.mykeymaninsurance.com/.
  • In a world where we need instant gratification, John and I talk about success and how it won’t happen overnight but you better be ready for it when it does come!
  • How do you make a million dollars? John became a millionaire at the young age of 22! He gives his top 3 tips on how to become a millionaire!
  • John and I talk about investments and what were his greatest investments that exceeded its full potential.
  • When John first read Think and Grow Rich, he was 25 years old and he shares what he learned from the book and is STILL learning because it’s a book that you have to keep reading over and over again!


John is the Founder and CEO of AXIANTA Financial Partners, LLC. (AFP) and has created his own progressive sales and personal growth training company made up of professional mentors and business builders who work one-on-one with individuals, businesses and major corporations to help them achieve growth in any economy. He is also the Founder of a non-profit organization called “ALL FOR ONE” which provides child prosperity centers for children around the world. Together with the organization, they have built and created 9 orphanages in 6 countries like Uganda, Philippines, Nicaragua, Vietnam, China, and India and have helped over 1,000 kids live within their orphanages.

Recently, construction is underway to create a historical center for the Filipino-American Veterans Association in Las Vegas. He has spoken at the University of Southern California Alumni Association’s Business Leadership meeting, Pepperdine University, and is available for other speaking engagements. As a dynamic, high-impact, in-demand teacher and public speaker, he has the unique ability to shake up the status quo, and get people and organizations to change behavior and empower them to achieve unprecedented results.

His clients range from the individual person seeking simple financial advice to Doctors, Lawyers, Fortune 500 companies, federal credit unions, Hollywood celebrities, and to professional athletes (NBA, MLB, and NFL).

Today, he commands a sales force of nearly 6,800 agents, practices in 26 states, with all 42 offices throughout the United States. His office is currently located in Calabasas, California.

He is married to Arlene, and they have 4 wonderful children who all reside in Calabasas, California.

Impactful Quotes

  • “Success doesn’t happen overnight but you have to be ready for it!” – John Shin
  • “Everyone is wired for success but programed to fail.” – John Shin

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