Episode 42: Appreciation for Life

Many people take their life for granted and don’t stop to appreciate what they already have.  Most people get so caught up in money and material things that they believe will make them happier.  I’m here to tell you that money can’t buy happiness and all the luxurious cars, houses, clothes, and jewelry in the world will not make you a happier person.  These may be a bonus to your happiness but they will not be the sole reason for your happiness.

Santa Monica Pier ThumbnailHappiness comes from experiences, doing the things that you love, and being with the people that you love.  It’s the small things that make us the happiest.  The main things that make me happy are helping others through my podcast and online courses, traveling the world, and being with the people I love.

The past couple days I have seen the sun go down on Santa Monica Beach and I have hiked across Runyon Canyon overlooking the city of LA.  These experiences didn’t cost me a thing.  These experiences are times that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Houses will get sold, cars will get wrecked, and clothing will get worn out and forgotten about over time.  Experiences will last forever!

Don’t take the simple things in life for granted.  Appreciate the things that you already have and stop getting upset over the things that you don’t have.  You may think your life sucks, but there are probably a few billion people on earth that have it worse then you.

If you had that mindset more often you would be a much happier person and feel like the richest person on earth.  And who knows, that may help you reach the riches you have always wanted.  It all starts with appreciation.

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