Episode 45: Becoming a Superstar in Hollywood with David LaPorte

Have you ever Dreamed of becoming a Superstar in Hollywood?  I certainly have.  I’ve always imagined what it would be like to be on the big screen and be known throughout the world for appearing in great movies.  Some of my favorite movie stars are Will Smith and Jim Carrey.  Not only have they created awesome movies but they have also shown us what it takes to become successful through their persistence, motivation, and passion for their work.  They are True Entrepreneurs in their own way.

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You too can become a superstar in your own field of work.  In this show you are going to learn what it takes to make it big in Hollywood and also how a great picture can be a game changer in your success.  David LaPorte shares his experiences of how he made it big in acting and modeling and how it led him to what he is doing today in Photography.  David is the Top Headshot Photographer in Hollywood with a track record that will blow your mind.  He has shot photos of over 70,000 actors, modeling, musicians, and celebrities, including Jackie Chan, Cindy Crawford, Dennis Quaid, and even Sean William Scott, better known as Stifler in American Pie.  David knows all the stars in Hollywood and can even help make you a star.

He shares with us the importance of a great photo and how it can really shoot your career to the stars.  You will learn what it takes to get a great photo and the tips on how to make your true self come out in the picture.  David will share with you what to look for when looking for a great photographer and how the best stand out from the rest.  I’ve seen first hand what David is capable of in Photography and it’s truly amazing how gifted he is.

A picture really days say a thousand words.  You can be drawn in by a picture and see the energy that it’s giving off.  No matter what your profession is in you must have a great picture to show your true identity.  The right picture may make you the next superstar in Hollywood.

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