Episode 54: Steering Your Ship to the Final Destination

Every ship needs a captain just like every team needs a leader to guide everyone to success.  Being a captain of a ship means that you need to delegate authority to various positions and ensure that everyone is doing their job to make the ship run efficiently.  Back in the day there would be people who rowed the boat, the person who let down the sail, the workers down below deck tending to ship duties, and the captain who steered the ship to their final destination.  If you are the captain of a football team, the founder of a company, or an Event planner, you are considered a captain.  You need to make sure everyone is doing their position to the best of their abilities so you can reach your fullest potential as a team.  You need to motivate each person so they do their task better then they ever thought they could do and show the team that anything is possible.

It only takes one mistake from a crew member to sink a ship so it’s important as a captain to make sure that never happens.  In my perspective as a leader I’ve found out that one negative person or ineffective worker can affect the entire group and take away the teams chances of reaching their final destination of success.  In the old days this kind of person would walk the plank and be forced overboard into the ocean, which resulted in their death.  Society doesn’t allow that in today’s era but it does allow you to fire an employee or let a team member go.  If you have a negative unproductive member in the team you must let them go ASAP.

A great Leader brings together the most brilliant minds and pushes each individual member to reach their fullest potential and motivates the team as a whole to reach a common goal that is unthinkable for most.  Steve Jobs did this with Apple and I’m about to do this with creating the greatest Young Entrepreneur Event that the world has seen.

Become your own captain, get the right crew members, and you can sail to any destination that your heart desires.

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