Episode 77: Master Social Media and Gain an Audience

If you have a business I’m sure you have a social media page to help promote your offers.  In today’s day and age social media is vital for your success in business.  Mastering the social media game is more then just putting up a page, inviting your friends to like it, and throwing some posts up with hope that your customers will come begging to work with you.  It doesn’t work that way.  The social media Queen, Shantel Khleif is the founder of Imagine Media, a company that helps businesses master the social media game and help them make money off of their pages.

What will you learn in this show?

  • You will get to hear what tools work best to utilize social media marketing
  • Learn the tactics Shantel and her team use to speak to their customers audience in a way that gets them involved and actually turns into a sale
  • You will hear the best times during the day to do a post
  • Shantel shares with you how to build up your following and get more likes on Facebook
  • Learn how to best utilize your spending with Facebook ads so you can get the most organic reach for your dollar spent

Social media is constantly changing and it’s getting harder for businesses to market to their audience.  Just because you have a huge following it doesn’t mean that following is interested in your offers, or even plan to pay you for your services.  A real following loves your content and eventually plans to use your services.

Social Media can be stressful and time consuming, that’s why Shantel is here to help. If you need help with social media be sure to contact her. Click the Links below to Follow and Like her pages.

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