Episode 78: Start With Why

I’ve started many companies and have gone down many different paths in life without even taking the time to ask myself why.  Why do I want to do this?  What is my purpose with it?  Where will the journey take me and will I even be happy with the end goal?  These are all questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before starting anything.

Starting with why makes you realize if you really want to do something or not.  As entrepreneurs we sometimes do things for the wrong reasons or just want to prove others wrong.  Some of us do things just for the money, which is the worst reason of all of them.  Entrepreneurs can be very motivated to achieve huge success, build an empire, and help millions of people, but they never take the time to see what sacrifices they will have to make or if they will even be happy when they reach their end goals.

I’ve learned to think through every decision I make and make sure it aligns with my life goals.  I ask myself if it’s worth my valuable time to pursue and if it actually supports my beliefs.  Am I passionate about it?  If more people asked them same questions they wouldn’t waste as much time going down paths that lead to no where and they would get on the right path much quicker.

I urge you to ask yourself why before taking on any project. Start with Why….

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