Episode 84: Batching Your Work to Be More Productive

Do you ever get sidetracked during the day by emails or tasks that jump out at you randomly? Do you find that sitting at a desk all day in a chair that is uncomfortable can affect your work ethic? If that’s the case then you should make sure to update your office furniture, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money – just check out these cheap office desks here. But it doesn’t just stop with getting the right office furniture, there are so many things that can affect people’s work productivity. This has happened to me many times and I have learned to deal with them by batching and sticking with my goals for each day. Every Day I Set and Accomplish Goals for my day, with the help of an Awesome book called the Freedom Journal , wrote by John Lee Dumas. You will get a chance to get this book on Kickstarter January 4th. This book helps me set goals for my day and stay accountable for accomplishing them that day without distractions.

John is a great example of someone who batches his work to get things done efficiently. John’s podcast show Entrepreneur on Fire airs every single day! That’s a lot of podcasting interviews. How does he do it? He batch’s his shows back to back each week. Every Tuesday he will record 10-15 podcast shows. He does them back to back for 8 hours straight. He then goes on others shows on Wednesday and uses Monday Thursday and Friday for catching up on tasks. This batching technique clearly has worked out for him since he makes over $250,000 a month with his podcast show.

I’ve learned to become better at batching myself. When I have meetings I set them up back to back, I record my podcast shows in batches, and I check my email less often. When you do this it allows you to focus on your goals each day and not get side tracked. Most times we will get an email, check it, and tend to it immediately, which gets us off track for the day. Check your emails once during the day and don’t let them sidetrack you the rest of the day. Tim Ferris’s book the 4-hour work week talks more on this topic.

I challenge you to start batching and setting and accomplishing goals every day. Stick with them and hold yourself accountable. With time you will see your productivity go up, and your goal will get achieved faster.

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