Episode 95: Talking Blogging with CollegeInfoGeek.com Founder Thomas Frank

I graduated from Iowa State University in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Minor in Entrepreneurial studies. I’m not going to lie, the first few years of college were a blur because I went to party’s, drank, and did many other things I’m not proud of. Grades were the last thing on my mind. Eventually I Turned around.

For my friend Thomas Frank, he got a head start by focusing his college time on making money, learning, and writing blogs about his findings and journey. He thought it would be cool to submit a guest blog post to a reputable site only to find out they would deny him. That didn’t stop him. He decided to create his own site. After doing multiple blogs, one finally took off and got many views. Then he knew he had something.

Blogging led him to YouTubing, and creating the website www.collegeinfogeek.com which helps college students learn how to study better, read faster, have more free time, get out of debt, and everything else I wish I knew about during my time at Iowa State.

Today he reach’s over 600,000 students per month and has over 165,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This show will teach you:
• How to start a blog, register a domain name and make money with it
• How to create quality videos for YouTube and build a business around it
• How to get more views on your YouTube videos
• How to get out of Student loan debt fast

If you are in college you should be checking out everything Thomas is doing at www.collegeinfogeek.com. If I were in college still, I certainly would be. You can follow him on twitter @TomFrankly .

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