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January 29-30, 2019
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Live To Grind is an exclusive 2-day interactive event with exceptional speakers and successful attendees (limited to 25 to optimize deep networking opportunity - quality over quantity).

We're redefining what it means "to attend an event.”
By bringing you access to well-rounded entrepreneurs, we're creating an environment ripe for new opportunities - big ones. Learn how to move your brand and influence a giant leap forward and meet new business partners who can help you make it a reality.

This will be a network of doers....of movers and shakers. Entrepreneurs who take action to improve themselves and their businesses and don't mind some dirt under their fingernails to do things the right way.
Brandon T. Adams
“A crowdfunding expert turned media mogul. Brandon is changing the definition of modern-day media companies”
- Buzzfeed
• CEO of Live To Grind & Accelerant Media Group
• Executive Producer and co-host of Emmy-Nominated T.V. Show Ambitious Adventures
• Executive Producer and co-host of T.V. Series Success In Your City
• Co-Star & V.P. of Business Development for Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy
• Host of the Live to Grind Podcast and T.V. Show
• Dubbed "King of Crowdfunding," who has raised over $1.5 million in the past 2 years
• Personal Branding Expert
• Featured on Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Fox, ABC, NBC, Marketwatch, CBS, and more.
• Named 1 of 7 Millennial Influencers To Follow in 2018 by Buzzfeed
Event Attendee Testimonials
What Everyone is Saying about the Live to Grind Event
Most events are "sit in a cold room and take notes" focused.

The LIVE TO GRIND Event is different.

We're focused on giving you actionable advice, brand-boosting assets, network-building opportunities, and an unforgettable experience.
Books & Blogs
The Power of Writing
From becoming a best-selling author, to writing awesome blog content, SEO, being featured in print, share-worthy social media posts, and more -- words still have power. All elite brands leverage the power of writing...
  •  Learn: Elite speakers will teach you about best-selling book publishing, repurposing your written content, and copywriting for 7 figure sales funnels.
  •  Experience: Put your writing skills to the test with multiple opportunities to share quick tips and best practices in contests with amazing prizes.
  •  Walk Away With: Chance to be featured in Live to Grind's blog, Brandon's book, or Accelerant Magazine!
The Power of Video
The psychological power of connecting with your audience visually cannot be overstated. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube, T.V., and film. If you're not being seen and leveraging the power of video, you are missing out... 
  •  Learn: Hear behind-the-scenes stories from Shark Tank, the Think & Grow Rich docudrama, & an Emmy Award-Winning Producer behind Ambitious Adventures T.V. show and learn how you can apply it to your business.
  •  Experience: Red carpet photo ops, Facebook live streaming, video confessionals, professional photographers, and filming of a Live to Grind T.V. episode!
  •  Walk Away With: Professional photos, envy-worthy social media pics and videos, and the chance to appear in the T.V. show and in event promo.
The Power of Voice
Podcasts are exploding. Speaking on stage gives you enormous and instant authority. Successful entrepreneurs today know how to leverage the power of their voice to grow their brand and business...
  •  Learn: How to start and monetize a podcast. How to structure a speech to engage an audience & sell your services. How to get booked on more podcast interviews.
  •  Experience: Podcast audio booth confessional! Come by and hone your speaking skills on the mic while sharing your business and best advice.
  •  Walk Away With: Chance to be featured on the Live to Grind podcast, including a linkback to your business in the shownotes and social media plugs.
Your Network is Your Net Worth
As taught in Think & Grow Rich, what you can achieve as a part of a Mastermind is greater than the sum of its parts. You are the average of whom you hang out with, so make them count and level up your network going into 2018...
  •  Learn: How masterminds have made Kevin Harrington millions. Networking tactics to build rapport for the long-term. And how to stand out from influencers' "fans."
  •  Experience: High-level networking opportunities with speakers and fellow successful entrepreneurs. This event is not for newbies and we aren't overcrowding it just to sell more tickets. Lunch is included to keep you interacting.
  •  Walk Away With: True connections with success-oriented movers and shakers who can turn into powerful mastermind partners for years to come.
Stand Out from Your Competition
Entrepreneurship has become popular. Niches are getting crowded. You need to be different or drown in a sea of sameness. For your brand to be elite you need to differentiate and be uniquely you...
  •  Learn: How to tap into your authentic story, share vulnerability (without losing credibility), and truly stand out in your industry.
  •  Experience: Tell or show us how you and your brand are different for the chance to be featured in our wide-reaching popular publications.
  •  Walk Away With: Deeper clarity in what your brand is and what it stands for. Conviction to proclaim your unique mission and purpose proudly. No more overwhelm or scatter-shot activity.
Camera Crew on Site
There will be a Film Crew on site filming the Event, Taking Photos, and also Capturing Footage of You giving your own Pitch for Your Business. Brandon will be coaching you through this to help you create a Video Asset that can best be used in your Business.
Event Schedule
  • * Event Kicks off Tuesday January 29th at 5pm. (Speakers, Networking, and 1-on-1 Training 5-10pm)
  •  Wednesday January 30th (10am-11pm)
  •  10am - 12pm Speakers
  •  12pm - 1pm Networking Lunch
  •  1pm - 3pm Group Activity
  •  3pm - 5pm Filming and Creation of Marketing Assets for each Attendee
  •  5pm - 7pm Speakers and Final Message
  •  7pm - 11pm Food, Drinks, Networking, and Entertainment
  • * Event will take place in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • * Exact Location will be Released 30 days prior to event. Event will be Exclusive to Attendees only and will be in a Private Location. Plan on taking an Uber to Event Location.
  • * Food and Drink is included in Ticket Price
  • * Filming will be taking place at Event
  •  You will walk away with Professional Photos to use in Marketing Yourself
  •  You will get a minimum of 1 - 30-90 Second on Camera Video of you Promoting your Business or Whatever you would like to Promote
  •  You will get Access to Recordings of Speakers at Event
Speeches you will get access to
from the 2017 Live to Grind Event
in Los Angeles
Keynote Speakers

Brandon T. Adams - Crowdfunding Expert to Media Mogul
Kevin Harrington - How a Shark Built a Massive Brand
Amanda Boleyn - She Did it Her Way Podcast - The Power of Podcasting 
Greg Rollett - Emmy Nominated Producer - Solving Problems
Joel Comm - New York Times Best Selling Author - The Power of Writing a Book
Dan Fleyshman - Youngest Founder of a Public Company - Investor in 29 Companies
Cherie Aimee - Life After Death - *****This is a Life Changing Keynote*****
Akbar Sheikh - Facebook Funnels - How to Create a Million Dollar Funnel
Griffin Bruehl - Corporate Flight Attended/Investor - Lessons From Billionaires 
Erin Cell - The Power of Social Media 
David France - TedX Speaker - Making Powerful Connections in Business
Joel Franco - Think and Grow Rich Movie Producer - Power of a Mastermind
Brian D. Evans & Clinton Senkow - Founders - Becoming Influencive

Panel Discussions

Crypto and Blockchain - Hosted by Joel Comm - Co-Host of Bad Crypto Podcast
Live to Grind Mastermind Group
Ambitious Adventures Team - How they Produced and Released a Reality TV Show
Fireside Chat with Kevin Harrington 

Success In Your City

Shea Hillenbrand - Announcing the Feature of Episode 1 - 2X MLB All-Star
Accelerate your Brand and Influence
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