Events Have Changed My Life

Are you attending events in your industry?

If not, you are missing out on BIG opportunities that you can be getting with your business and brand.

I live to attend events, network, and now am even creating my own. Events allow you to expose yourself, brand, and business to a huge amount of individuals that are there. I have made the best business ventures by attending events and connecting with people to spark up new ideas.

These are some reason why events can change your life, like they have changed mine.


In Person Interaction

The digital space is hot, it is the popular trend that is going on because you can meet tons and tons of amazing people online. However, it leaves out a big gap of the magic of meeting someone in person. Some of the best relationships and connections one can make is through face to face interaction. You might not even seek out to find a specific person that you want to connect or work with, but that’s the beauty of meeting unique individuals who have the same amount of drive and passion as you do.


Meeting Influencers

If you have a goal to meet and work with a specific influencer, go to events. Influencers are always attending events, weather they are speaking or just browsing and seeing who is coming up with new ideas. Kevin Harrington, the original Shark of Shark Tank, goes to events to find people to invest in. He looks and connects with people who might have the next big thing because he wants to invest in them. Don’t sit in front of your laptop and send email after email trying to connect with your dream role model, attend an event and connect with them in person.


Synergy At An Event

Events pump you up.

There is a special feeling that you get inside of you when you attend events and mingle with like minded individuals. There is so much synergy at an event because it’s a room filled with people who are grinding, passionate, and are achieving great things. You take that momentum and use it to hit even bigger goals that you have set out to do. Not only do you connect with great people, but you also learn from the speakers and individuals that are there. You put yourself out there, learn, and at the same time other people learn about you and what you do.

If you want to be known as an expert in your field, attend events and connect with every individual that is there. I do that at every event that I go to, I make sure every person in that room knows who I am and what I do, because you never know who can help you out.

Now, I have put on numerous events of my own and saw the impact that it made on many individuals that attended, I want the same thing to happen to you.


You could be 1 event away from making your million dollar deal.




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