How To Not Suck At Sales

Do you suck at making a sale? If so, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be so tough.

If you think about it, we’re always selling. If you have kids, they’re selling you on taking them somewhere or buying them the newest toy.

We are always trying to convince other people to do things in our favor.

Heck, I’m selling to my girlfriend all of the time when I’m trying to get her on board with an idea. This is the process of enrolling people in your vision and selling them what you have to offer by showing them value.

I continuously see people struggling, whether they can’t sell their offer or they’re not charging enough. It really blows my mind that they don’t have the confidence in their offer or see the value in what they want to sell.

It all comes down to confidence, and most importantly, PERSISTENCE!

Did you know that most sales are made between the seventh and the nineteenth time you approach someone? For most of the people that I close big deals with, their first answer to my offer is not yes. In most cases, people don’t typically say yes until the third or fourth time.

They’ll say no, then no again.

They will say it’s too much money, they don’t have money, it’s not the right time, maybe next time, and all of the other things that people say. You have to remain persistent in a way that shows you care and aren’t just looking at them as a number.

When you genuinely want to help someone, you will always have a better chance at making a sale.

I’m going to give you my tips for selling, which are priceless if you choose to implement them. But first, let me ask you a quick question… Are you ASKING for the sale?

Most people don’t ask for the sale because they’re afraid or don’t even know what they’re really offering. You need to bullet point what people are getting in return for their money and have a clear outline that breaks it all down.

Don’t assume that going on a couple of podcast shows or getting on TV is the only promotion that you need. I’ve been on morning shows across the country, written books, and done hundreds of podcast shows.

Yes, something could come from this stuff, but you know what actually leads to sales?

Doing the personal reach outs and asking for it! Reach out to X amount of people every single day, tell them about what you’re doing, and see if they want to get involved.

You need to become omnipresent. You also need to make sure you track any sales you make, particularly if you run your own business. If you don’t already track your sales, effective sales tracking by Commence is something you definitely need to look into.

You don’t have to be seen by everyone, but you DO have to be seen by your niche and target market.

Who are they, what do they do, and where are they spending their time? You need to be right in front of their faces, offering them the value that they need. Understand their pain point and show them what you can offer that will help them get from point A to point B.

You need to make it worthwhile for someone to hire you or buy from you. Give them something that will save them time and money, but also make them money in the process. Now THAT’S good offer!

KNOW what your offer is, then ASK for the sale.

I get frustrated when I see people that have something great to share with others but think that persistence is too “slimy” or “salesy.” If you know that you can help someone and that your offer is good enough to change someone’s life, then I believe it is your duty to ensure that they buy from you.

Show your track record by sharing testimonials. Proof of concept is everything.

When I first started out, I offered my services for free to add value to others, and I got testimonials in return which helped me sell more. I’m telling you, the results WILL sell.

Remember to focus on building up relationships with people. Give them value through your blogs, podcast shows, and great advice. At the end of the day, people don’t want to do things themselves when they can hire an expert.

They’re going to choose the person that provides tons of value and built up trust with them.

It’s the podcast shows that I created two and a half years ago that have people coming to me now. It’s the videos that I created 12 months ago that have led people to hire me today. It’s all of the stuff that I did so long ago that has created this tremendous snowball effect.

After three years of releasing non-stop content, I’m seeing the impact that it’s made.

People that began following me two years ago now have enough trust in me. Because of this, they eventually come to me when they need help. More content has gotten me more publicity, more sales, and more money.

Always put time into building your relationships and adding value to others because it will pay off big time in the end.

Do you know what happens if you’re not persistent enough? Eventually, your audience will choose to go to someone else that comes along. Someone else that was more persistent and more confident.

When someone has confidence, they will sell. Share your offer without batting an eye, and you WILL get the sale.

If you have something great to offer, then let the world know it. Build enough awareness and excitement around it, and you’ll get people on board.

Be confident. Be persistent. Ask for the fucking sale! You’ll get that yes!




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