How To Raise Money For Charity

Are you ready to do something great and make a difference in the world? If so, there are plenty of different ways you can do so, and raising money for a charitable cause is a really great place to start. Even something as simple as visiting a fundraising website, selling unwanted clothes online or setting up a cake stall, these are just some ways that people can raise money for charity. It’s the thought that counts at the end of the day, regardless of whether £100 is raised or £10,000.

Some people like to organize events, some like to run a marathon and others consider leaving money to charity. There are multiple ways people can raise money for charity, but some people enjoy leaving money for a charity of their choice in their will. Whatever way you choose to donate, whether that’d be through fundraising sites, a bake sale or hosting events, the money raised could make a difference to the lives of people less fortunate.

it will be truly appreciated and will help others.

Chances are there’s a cause you’re passionate about or would love to support.

If contributing a personal donation doesn’t seem like enough, why not go the extra mile and consider setting up a fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign instead?

My fiancé Samantha and I are in the process of filming for our TV show, Success in the City, and recently held an event in Scottsdale, AZ to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

We ended up raising over $36,000 and only had about two weeks to promote the event.

I want to share the details with you and provide you with some helpful insight for raising money for your own fundraiser, charity, or event.

Having the determination to support a charitable cause is awesome, but you need to put a plan into action.

In our experience, the money we raised came from multiple places. For one, we sold over $10,000 worth of tickets to the event. We had three different levels for the tickets – general admission, VIP, and then a premium ticket that included a one-hour mastermind session with Kevin Harrington and myself.

We also had a live auction at the event which proved to be very successful and was like a whole new form of crowdfunding in itself.

The live auction raised over $20,000 through items that we had, and then we ended up receiving another $5,000 from a sponsor. When all was said and done, it felt so good to be able to raise that much money for a great cause.

It’s really cool to see the power of the crowd, and it was a great reminder that it all comes down to providing value.

What is the value that people can get out of supporting your cause or favorite charity, and how can you create an emotional connection with people?

These two major components combined will allow you to raise A LOT of money if you’re willing to put in the time and energy.

Find out what the charity or nonprofit that you’re supporting needs, set a goal, and create a timeframe for your campaign.

You don’t need to be a fundraising pro to get the ball rolling, it just takes your passion and determination to do something for the greater good.

Keep in mind that you can always opt to organize your own event, as we did, but there’s typically a lot of work and planning that goes into it. My advice is, don’t try to do it all by yourself.

Get your team and anyone else who’s passionate about the cause you’re supporting to volunteer their time as well.

Delegating different tasks like getting branded Custom Water bottles for the event to different people will not only lighten the load, but it will also create more opportunity to increase the reach of your campaign.

Each and every one of us is capable of making a difference in the world, regardless of how big the impact is.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Mother Teresa… “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

You may not raise $36,000 – or who knows – maybe you’ll raise even more! Just worry about finding a way to help others and make your contribution. Lead the way by encouraging others to join you in making a difference!


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