Manage Your Crazy Schedule Like A Pro

We’ve all at some point or another wished for more time in our day to get things done.

Unfortunately, we all have the same 24 hours to work with. Rather than focusing on the time you lack, try instead to think about how you can work smarter instead of harder with what you’ve got.

Do you really NEED more hours in your day to accomplish your goals, or are you just not spending your time wisely?

You don’t always need to invest a lot of time into getting things done, but you DO need to manage, evaluate, and adjust accordingly as you go.

If you have big goals and want to do things at a high level, you have to put in a lot of work and stay on top of it all.

My schedule is almost always jam-packed, but I’m able to effectively manage my time and responsibilities.

I’m currently juggling meetings, calls, and events while running companies, preparing for the filming of a new TV show, a brand new mastermind, and an upcoming speaking gig later this month.

Most people would think, “Holy shit! How can you do all of that at once?!”

The truth is, you are capable of doing all of this and more if you put your mind to it. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I will tell you that the hard work is worth it!

It’s all about managing your time properly and recognizing what you need to cut out of your routine. Where can you trim away some of the fat?

Maybe you’re spending too much time relaxing and watching Netflix. I get it. We all need time to wind down, but there needs to be a healthy balance.

Pay attention to how much time you’re investing in things that bring you no return.

So what exactly should you cut out of your life? 

As a quick example, I don’t drink alcohol much and I understand why a lot of my mentors choose not to. A few drinks here and there is fine, but is it getting me any closer to my goals? I don’t enjoy waking up hungover, and I don’t have the time for it.

Something I choose to commit to is working out, though I probably wouldn’t do it as much without encouragement from my fiancé, Samantha. Sometimes I have so much to do and in my mind I think that I don’t have time, but I’m always glad I did it anyway.

Working out gives me some of the best ideas, motivation, and a great jump start to my day.

Sure, I’m taking two hours out of my day that I could’ve been working, but it wouldn’t have been as impactful. After working out I have much better insight, so for me, it’s a part of my day that’s completely worth my time.

When I look at my tasks, I look at what I have to get done to allow someone else to do their job. As much as you may want to at times, you cant do EVERYTHING yourself ALL of the time.

Use the power of numbers and delegate different tasks to your team

When you’re setting your goals for the week, what are the things that you have to get done right away that will allow someone else to work for you and get things done faster?

I always work on delegation first. I determine what I need to get done, and while I’m working on other things, my team can start making progress on the other tasks I gave them.

Be smart with your time and divide your work accordingly.

Determine a reasonable amount of time needed for each task, and then prioritize all that you need to get done.

Focus on what’s most important to you and what will bring you closer to your goals. Are the things you’re doing really helping you?

Once you’re willing to let go of what’s holding you back, it will be a lot easier to stay on track and accomplish big things!




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