Plant Seeds Today For Tomorrow’s Success

Isn’t it crazy how quickly time flies? What’s even crazier is how much you can accomplish over the course of just a few years if you really push yourself.

Most people don’t think of the long run and are rarely considering where they’ll be in 3, 5, or even 10 years from now if they just keep going.

Sometimes I stop and think about what I’ve accomplished over the last few years. A couple of months back I sat down with a few friends, and we went around in a circle talking about where we’ll be in the next 5-10 years and what we’ve accomplished so far.

Samantha and I recently sold our house in Iowa, my ice business has been expanding, and we’re spending this entire year traveling the country for our TV show, Success In Your City.

I look back at the last several years and it really blows my mind to see how things have changed.

I’ll give you a quick break down of what that’s looked like for me personally…

• In 2012, I was graduating from college, beginning my journey with Arctic Stick, building my house, and starting a corporate job

• I worked at my corporate job for all of 2013

• In 2014, I left that job and went to Des Moines, IA with Samantha to start a company

• In 2015, I was traveling and starting my podcast show

• 2016 was the first year of the Young Entrepreneur Convention and doing the show, Ambitious Adventures

• In 2017, I made the leap to go to Orlando, FL

• Now, in 2018, I’m traveling the country full-time for Success in Your City

I’m telling you all of this because I want to quickly show you how much has happened and all of the things I took a leap of faith on in the last few years.

I discovered that when I do things that scare me or are outside of my comfort zone, that’s where the bigger things happen.

We all need to get outside of our comfort zones in order to grow, discover new opportunities, and be successful.

When I first began my corporate job, I remember not wanting to do it because I didn’t want that 9–5 lifestyle. I always said I’d never work in corporate, but I saw an opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

I could take a job for 1-2 years that would help me better myself and get a one-up in things I was doing or wanted to do. So I did it.

My next leap was when I moved to Des Moines. I quit corporate and moved to a new city. I felt ready for a change.

Some people have questioned me previously about why that was such a challenging thing to do. Sure, people move cities all the time. You can get help from Cars Arrive Auto Relocation or similar businesses in moving your vehicles and you can hire people to move all of your stuff so that it is pretty simple. I get that. But tearing up your roots, when you have solidity in a city that you have called home for years, is far from easy. It takes guts.

I remember when Samantha and I went to Florida. I thought, “Oh my God, we’re going all the way down south!” That was the first time I actually got a place outside of the state of Iowa.

As I said, it was scary at first, but we did it for the sake of a new opportunity, which was the TV show, Ambitious Adventures.

Now, the biggest leap has been selling my house and traveling the country. Selling my home was so important though, it had to be done. I didn’t want to stay in that area anymore. However, as many homeowners will know, selling a home is never fun. It’s an exhausting process of constantly inviting strangers into your home and there’s no time limit on how long your home could be for sale for. Sometimes, houses can be on the market for years. This is always a worry for homeowners. However, my friend was able to tell me about a company that could save me the hassle of selling my home, allowing me to get on with traveling the country. She said she’d used a company called Get Fair Home Offers. Apparently, that company had told her that we buy houses in San Bernardino for cash. She was able to move away from her house quickly after selling her home to that company. She said that I should consider doing the same thing. It’s definitely something to keep in mind! Of course, there are other options too, such as using bridging loans to purchase your next home if your current one hasn’t sold yet. That’s another useful method. However, it all depends on the situation of the homeowner. Anyway, even though I’m traveling at the minute, I will probably want to settle down again soon. In order to do this, I’ll probably need to find a home in the future. That can be stressful, but there are websites online that can provide homeowners with checklists to make sure they have everything they need. Maybe reading this article here could be helpful. One of the main things on there for people to consider getting is home insurance cover. This will protect the home from any floods or weather events that could damage the property. When I eventually find another home, I’ll be sure to do that.

These are all milestones – all things that I have done over the past 6 years – that have led me to where I am today.

I believe that we should always be challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to do things that scare us. So for you, make sure you’re constantly getting outside of your comfort zone.

I think it was Mark Cuban that said before you reach your mid to late twenties you should live in at least 5 cities. This article that I saw years ago is what originally pushed me to think of the idea for traveling to 12 cities in 12 months.

I said to myself, “Why not experience different things in different cities?”

Don’t get me wrong, this year has been a huge challenge so far. The first few months of this journey were especially challenging.

I remember in October we had gone to 10 cities that month to prepare for the show and speak to different groups of people.

In every city, we have to find a new place to live, meet new people, and prepare for the show, all while being thrown into the unknown and unfamiliar.

It’s always a challenge and a stretch. It’s even uncomfortable at times. But we’re GROWING.

I know that after this year, we’re going to look back and be like, wow! We grew so much – we made so many connections and took so many strides. In just ONE year!

I truly think that this experience will be one of the best things we’ve ever done.

But again, it’s not easy. Though, when does challenging yourself ever come easy? When is it ever really completely painless?

Make sure you’re doing crazy things that scare you and push you forward on the path of growth.

It’s all about planting the seeds now so you can harvest them later.

Think about what your goals are and what you need to do now to get there in the future. It’s not going to happen overnight, and that’s okay.

There will be a lot of things you have to put in place in order to get to where you want to go.

Build your foundation and just keep refining and restructuring it.

So, what do YOU want in the next 5 years?

Keep in mind that anything is possible, as long as you continue to work for it!


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