Podcast 3: Special Guest Travis Lloyd

Former Foster Kid turned hip-hop artist and Motivational Speaker with Travis Lloyd

In this episode we talk with Travis Lloyd who is a former foster kid turned hip-hop artist, health care professional, and former mental health crisis worker who dropped out of his doctoral program to pursue a purpose driven life, inspiring others to do the same through living healthier, happier, and more successful lives.

Once told he was more likely to be dead or in jail, he speaks on suicide, wellness, overcoming adversities, substances, and the internal drive for personal and professional success.

Travis talks about his life growing up and how he overcome many obstacles and got to where he is today speaking all across the country and inspiring others to make change in their lives.

Some Topics we discuss

  • Going from poverty to becoming a successful Entrepreneur
  • How to become a better speaker and the positive effects it has on you and your business
    • You won’t believe what Travis does before speaking to help him be on his A Game.
  • The process of writing his book and how he sold his book before even writing it!
  • How Search Engine Optimization pushed his career from the start

At the end Travis gives his 3 tips of Success for living a happier, healthier life, and becoming successful.

Great Advice from Travis

“You’re never ready, you’re never prepared, and you can study successful people and successful mentors as much as you want, but until you make that step forward, nothing happens.  You fake it until you become it.   Just put your foot out and do it, otherwise nothing happens.”

To learn more about Travis check out his website at www.TravisLloyd.net

Or to purchase his book got to www.OvercomingEmotionalTrauma.com

Travis Lloyds Music Video: “Take Me Away”


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