Reach Your Ultimate Goal Destinations

Something that’s talked about often but most times not executed properly is the action of goal setting.

You may be in a stage of your life where you’re ready to start embarking on big adventures. If so, it’s important to talk about the process.

Think about the goals that you set for yourself as a destination that you’re traveling to. 

Whether you’re getting there by car, plane, train, or boat, the mapped out course it takes to get there can always change. If you’re driving, you may have to take a different route to avoid an accident, and if you’re flying you might have to change course to avoid turbulence.

There won’t always be a perfect path to follow, which is a lot like life.

If you don’t have a final destination in mind, then you will end up lost. You can float around for a while until you figure it all out, but most times you will find yourself somewhere fulfilling someone else’s agenda.

There are many things that can happen in life that get in the way, but having goals in place brings you back on course. They remind you where you’re going and why.

Stop choosing other peoples goals in hopes of living their life.

The goals that you set need to be your own and they need to fulfill you personally. What will contribute to making you happier in life? So many of us are searching for the answers, but we need to dive a little deeper.

If you want to BE happy, you need to DO more of what makes you happy.

It sounds pretty obvious, but we tend to get distracted by what we’re told that happiness is “supposed” to look like. In the end, we lose sight of it completely.

Happiness doesn’t come from having or being, it comes from doing. What is it that you love doing?

Your goals should be made around discovering what makes you happy and designing a life that brings more of that to you in abundance.

Make a list of the things that you’re most passionate about. If you are drawing a blank, start with listing the things that make you unhappy. Work out how you can have less of those things in your life.

Breakthrough the bullshit that’s clouding your thinking.

You probably hear people all of the time saying things like, “I have to get a better job,” “I want a nicer car,” or “I need a bigger house.” At the end of the day, these materialistic things are meaningless and do not add any long-term happiness or value.

It’s important to have goals, but what’s more important is having the RIGHT goals.

Living someone else’s life and following along with their dreams will never bring you happiness. Make personal fulfillment your ULTIMATE goal destination, regardless of the path it may take to get you there.




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