Social Media is Taking Over the World

In this day and age, marketing your brand and business is an entire new ball game. The old ways of sending flyers, putting ads on newspapers, and sometimes emails barely works. Marketing is taking over the digital space and we see people promoting products and services so frequently that sometimes we come across ads without even knowing it. The majority of businesses looking to widen their digital presence will seek external support from an SEO London Company to help achieve this through strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.

So, what is the new hot way to market your brand and business?


That’s right, those two words are dominating the world faster than anything else right now. Businesses are taking over the space by promoting products on these platforms, turning them into more of a marketing tool rather than a social space. I also predict in the future popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram may even start charging users to be on the platform. Many people have already been using social media to promote their products, but aren’t utilizing them to their fullest potential.

Therefore, I want to go through these top platforms that you can use to kill marketing with your business or brand.


This platform is a no brainer, if you are not on Facebook with yourself or business you are leaving out thousands and thousands of consumers who could potentially be buying your services. There are so many tools on Facebook that you can use to accelerate your business. Facebook Lives is one of my favorite ways to get the message to potential clients of mine. They can visually see that I am a real person, I get to interact with people in the comments, and have the opportunity to upload the video after I’m done for others to see it later. Besides lives, you can use ads to display your products in front of your ideal audiences. Everyone is on Facebook from younger to older people, therefore get a Facebook, create a group, a fan page, and start pumping out content.


Instagram is all about visuals and getting your audience intrigued by the creativity you can put out. On this platform, you can upload pictures, videos, stories, and do Instagram lives. There are also options to send and receive instagram messages on computer, which is just another reason why this platform continues to grow.

There are also platforms such as Sked that make it possible to schedule instagram posts. It is the perfect way for your audience to visually see what you are doing instead of reading a long boring post about your hot new product. There are also ways to boost your posts but other ways you can target more of an audience for free is to use hashtags. You are limited to 30 hashtags per post, so you can target what niche you are in. For example, if you have a post about dog care products you can use hashtags such as #doglover and #dogowner. As a bonus tip, put the hashtags in the comments, that way your post looks less spammy and you get the same amount of reach as if you would if you put it in the post itself. If you’re wanting to increase the audience you could reach with some potentially great results, you also have the option to look at follower-generating services that you can pay to create an influx of followers on your Instagram that will engage with your content. These services can have many different deals running, for example, look at this discount code for follower-adder over at – using something similar to this, you could find you can increase your active followers for a fraction of the price!


This is one platform that is super popular, but many people neglect it because businesses don’t use it as much. However, there are many perks that you can use to your benefit. Snapchat stories allow you to show your audience the behind the scenes of what you do with your business. People want to see the real stuff and what it takes in order to get to that successful point. Therefore, you have the ability to display that with snapchat stories as well as sending personal snaps to someone. Snapchat also just came out with a new feature of including an actual link to your snaps. That way if you mention a link in your story the viewers can easily swipe up and it will direct them to that link. Snapchat is an effortless way to put out content for your audience to see and you can do it anywhere you are at.

These three platforms are everywhere and advancing on new features every single day. They are beating the game and winning the digital space by how many users keep joining.

Instagram just passed a milestone as they have 800 million users on it and Facebook has 2 billion users on it. Now, you have the potential to reach a greater audience than ever before with your brand so get on these hot platforms now!


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