Time Doesn’t Stop

“Two days, over 10 things to get finished and I feel like my head is going to explode.”

Have you ever been in that position?

Ever felt like that when you are stressed about all the things that you have to get done in a short amount of time?

I have multiple times, especially managing numerous companies at one time, it can be a hassle. If you’re a business owner like me and struggle with creating time for certain jobs that are important, then there are companies and websites who will take the weight off your shoulders. For example, invoices can be quite time consuming but there are a lot of companies that offer free invoice templates, so you can get on with the more important jobs and have more time for yourself. But sometimes I still think to myself, how in the world do I manage to do everything I do on a daily basis and still make time to get my daily workout in?

It’s all about time management. It’s really important that you improve your time management skills so that you can focus on the things that need to be done.

I am a very timely person, I love to wake up every morning and layout my day exactly how it’s supposed to be to get things done. A lot of people struggle with time management because of the unnecessary distractions they encounter throughout the day. Therefore, I want to go through tips on how to handle those stressful situations and manage your time well.

First of all, don’t think of every single thing that you have to get done all at once. This causes an overwhelming wave of stress that takes over you which really isn’t needed. Although stress is common, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t find a way to manage it better. Whether it is doing something as simple as speaking to friends/family about certain situations or trying an alternative method such as using CBD products through sites like CBDvillage (as CBD is said to have calming properties), anyone suffering from stress may find out they will be able to live stress-free sooner rather than later.

With this being said, we’ll start off by doing something simple- writing things down. Once you collect yourself, grab a pen and paper and write out every single thing that you need to get done. After writing a list, create a timeline of which items are most important and need to get done first, second, third, and so on. Spread it out amongst numerous days, and if you are on a really tight time frame create a schedule for each day written with exact timings. From 10am-11am you are going to be working on this, from 11am-12pm you will focus on this, down to the hour write down your duties.

This way you give yourself mini goals on tasks you need to get done and you stick to only those things.

Secondly, know that you have a timeline and schedule that you need to follow and eliminate all distractions that are blocking you from completing these tasks. Major distractions that people deal with are constantly checking social media, watching TV while doing work, and bouncing back and forth from different things that they need to do. You can easily block out these distractions by turning off the TV, setting your phone aside for a short period of time, and sticking to your schedule so you don’t start one project and jump to another.

Have a pen and piece of paper next to you at all times so if a thought pops up in your head of a task you need to do, you can write it down to get to it later.

Lastly, don’t let others waste your time because your time is precious. Make sure you are aware of your priorities and weigh out what is more important in a situation. As you become an influencer in your field more people will want to take time away from you to pick your brain, but don’t let that get to you! Make time for those who will genuinely add value to you rather than people who just want your help for their benefit.

With all that being said, we all get busy with working towards our goal. However, always remember to make time for family and friends, drop work for a couple days and make a trip to see your loved ones!

The next time you feel overwhelmed and want to pull your hair out, just take a breather, write down everything you have to do, and prioritize!


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