Why Put It Off When You Can Do It Now?

Everyday I see statuses on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and stories on Snapchat of people wanting to accomplish something, but they never put their minds to it and wait to do it later.

I always think to myself, why put it off when you can start now?

People put things off because of a bug they have named procrastination. Procrastination is the main killer that gets people away from major success that they can have about an idea they are wanting to work on or a task they are needing to get done. It is never a good idea to procrastinate because for one, it adds unneeded stress onto your body. When you procrastinate you push a task that needs to get done until the last minute. Whether it be a blog that needs to be done or an idea that you have been dying to work on, you push it off and instantly you regret it.

The minute we tell ourselves the phrase, “I’ll do it later”, is when we start procrastinating our work because sometimes later becomes never. It’s never the route to go on because usually when you are needing to get your work done you have a certain deadline you are trying to meet. Therefore, it doesn’t allow you to have an adequate amount of time to do a good job on your work. It also wastes your own time because you keep delaying something that you should be getting done.

There is no benefit you get out of procrastination, the only thing that may keep you happy for a little bit is watching that Netflix show instead of reaching out to clients to get sales. You may not even be a business owner yet, but there’s an idea that you have been thinking on but you feel like there’s never the right time to start it. Especially when your idea is the current craze around the world, for example CBD! People all over the world are seeking CBD infused products for its healing and soothing properties. So perhaps it’s time to start looking into CBD loans or cbd banking options. Or of course you might be thinking of something completely different that will bring you success. Well I am here to tell you that there is never going to be a perfect time for you to start that company. It might seem daunting, yes, but there are so many resources available, from podcasts, to real-life mentors, to blogs like https://www.ronensimantov.com/, to help you along the way. If you don’t start putting the wheels in motion now, you will just keep putting it off until you miss your chance of creating something awesome.

It’s a bad habit that numerous people acquire but once you get out of it, it makes life so much easier. These are a few tips that I like to use in order to stay on task:


Prioritizing your work is so important because it lets you know what things you need to get done first before you start doing other things. Therefore, if you have to get a blog done, record a podcast, make dinner, and see your friends which one will you do first? It will take more time to set up your blog and look on sites like 28msec for a web host than it will the rest so it’s probably best to get your blog done and record your podcast first. Figure out what tasks are most important (for example, if you’re starting a business and need some form of professional liability insurance, I’d make that a top priority) and attack them from most to least.

Imaginary Deadlines

The reason that many people procrastinate their work is they may not have deadlines to them. Therefore create imaginary deadlines for the work that you need to get done. Write it down on a calendar so that way you push yourself to get things done without wasting your time putting it off. I do this with goals that I have, I challenge myself to finish a project in x amount of time and push myself to get it done. Doing this will allow you to get more done in a short amount of time and it will help you stay ahead so you have more time for yourself.


Schedule out your tasks every single day. Seriously. Grab a planner or notebook and schedule out exactly what you are going to be doing every hour, down to when you are going to eat your meals and get your workout in. I take my Sundays to lay out my plan of attack for the week in order to hit my goals. This has helped me a lot because I make sure I reach the goals I need to each day so I am not behind in my work.

These few strategies have helped me in the long run because it makes my life more organized and doesn’t put stress on things that I need to get done. When you have a busy life it’s important to use your time wisely instead of wasting it and putting off things until the last minute!

Therefore, if you want to pursue a business idea, want to start a blog or podcast, just do it. Stop waiting and putting it off, start now!


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