Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Take Action

We all have been through stages of doubt, uncertainty, and questioning every move that we make, but what does that ultimately lead to?

It leads to never taking that step to reach your goals that you hope and dream for in the future. Days, weeks, months go by and you see everyone chasing after their goals, leveling up to make a difference in their life and other people’s but you are still in the same place you were 5 months ago.

How does that make you feel? Not very good I bet.

When I first invented Arctic Stick back in college I was hesitant on taking that first step in chasing after what I believed in with my product. I had many ‘what if’ questions in my head.


What if I don’t succeed?


What if my friends laugh at me?


What if I make a fool out of myself?


What if I waste my time?


But one question that I did ask myself was what if I DO succeed? I saw an entire future of opportunities, success, freedom that I would have if I took the step of being an inventor and entrepreneur. So I did, I took action and made that leap of getting a patent, a manufacturer, and setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise thousands of dollars.

Five years down the road, I am a full time entrepreneur, co-host and producer of a reality TV Show, a best selling author, and host of a podcast show. All of that happened because I took action and here’s why you should too.


Time Doesn’t Stop

Every second of each day that we live in goes by minute after minute and there’s no way that we can stop time. Therefore, why would we waste our time in negative thoughts about doubting ourselves about things that we are capable of doing? There’s 24 hours in the day and I bet more than half of that time people are wasting by doing things that aren’t productive. They have an idea, see the value of it, but don’t take action because they may not have enough time to pursue it. But you want to know the truth? Odds are they probably will never have time to do it because they use that as an excuse. There is always time in the day for you to take action so do it!


Opportunities Will Come and Go

Opportunities that you come across will not sit in your lap forever waiting for you to take them. You must take action and jump on opportunities if you see the value in them. I have flown on planes across the country with a 24 hour notice because I got offered an opportunity with a big name influencer. I knew I could create a business deal with them and that was enough for me to jump on the opportunity. I didn’t wait and contemplate if that was a good move, I saw the value, booked my plane ticket, and next thing I knew I made a business deal. It was a quick decision that I had to make in a short period of time, but if I waited to take action the opportunity would have vanished.


What If You Die Tomorrow?

A little harsh right? But it’s true. We can’t predict our future, we can envision what our future may look like but there’s no way that we can predict what will happen the upcoming days in our life.If you were to die tomorrow would you be happy with the life that you lived? Or would you regret on things that you could’ve done because you didn’t take action? It doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s no age restriction on chasing your dreams and it’s never too late to start taking action. Life is so unexpected, take the opportunities that you have now so you can live the life that you dream for years down the road


Do not wake up one day 10 years into working a job you hate and then realizing that you should’ve taken action way back then.


You have capability, recognize it, own it, and take action.



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